Hi! I’m Natalee, a fun-loving, outgoing photographer.Photography is a huge part of my life, but some of my other interest include, paddle boarding on Lake Norman, trying new restaurants, cheering on the #00 Xfinity Mustang (my husband is their Tire Specialist), visiting my family and last, but not least, watching Netflix with my best friend, Bryan.

I started chasing after my dream of becoming a photographer when I was 17, taking my classmates’ senior portraits. Little did I know, my dream could one day be reality! I attended Randolph Community College where I received an Associates in Applied Sciences in Photographic Technology with a Concentration in Portrait Studio Management. A mouthful, right? 

While in college I met my now husband. We were introduced on a blind date. It’s crazy, I never believed in love at first sight until then. Ever since the day we met he has been one of my biggest supporters as I’ve been chasing my dreams. My other biggest supporters are my parents. They have always encouraged me to never give up on my dreams and fully supported me along the way.

After graduating, I moved to the Lake Norman area. I absolutely love it here! Not long after moving to the area Bryan asked me to marry him. Of course, I said YES! We got married November 22, 2014. It was the perfect day. He cried. I love telling people that! Probably because he realized his single life was over. But, I like to believe it’s because he was just that happy.

We bought a tiny little house after getting married. It needed quite a bit of work. We have done all of the work ourselves, (with some help from my dad.) It has taken two years, but we only have a few more things to do. It’s so exciting to buy a first home, and work on it together. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a lot of work, but it’s been fun.

As a photographer, I look forward to meeting each of my clients, creating a valuable relationship and making images that they and their families can enjoy forever. I look forward to meeting you soon.